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What are you wearing this Fall season? Part 2

Fall is quickly approaching, and we are loving some of the trends we are seeing for this season! Each week, we are sharing a 2022 Fall Fashion trend or two, along with how we would style them.

Last week, we covered our first 2022 Fall Fashion trend - lots of browns, camels, caramels and neutrals. We love this trend because these colors are universally flattering and can be dressed up or down. Check out the post here!

Check out another 2022 Fall Fashion Trend below and stay tune for more next week!

2022 Fall Fashion Trend #2 - Wide leg pants (with another trend, clogs, sprinkled in!)

Why are wide leg pants popular? Wide leg pants are comfortable, they cinch at the waist (woohoo Golden Ratio rule!), they are flattering and a ton of outfits can be created with them - pair them with bodysuits, knit tops, sweaters, tank tops & blazers and dress them up with a little heel and of course, statement accessories!

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