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Shine Size Retailers - Inclusivity Matters!

Our Favorite Shine Size Retailers Part One:

Size inclusivity is part of our mission at Shine. It is engrained in who we are, and how we style ourselves and clients. We strive to research and purchase from retailers that support a wider range of inclusive sizing - from extended sizing to petite and tall options for our all client beauties and expecting moms!

It warms our hearts seeing more and more retailers celebrating all Shine Sizes! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing our insights on some of our favorite stores, as well as links to our favorite go-to items from these Shine Size retailers:


If you’re anything like us, we hadn’t stepped foot in an Express store in years! Express started to gain our attention in 2021 with elevated color and style options. But most importantly, they are offering more inclusive size options with extended sizing up to Size 18 (back in the day they only went to size 14), along with options for short and long lengths for our more petite and taller friends!

What do you we love most at Express? We have fallen in love with their JEANS the most! High quality jeans at an affordable price point, making style accessible to more people! Check out our favorite Express jean styles here.


We know this seems crazy! A&F? Really? Ever since a female CEO came on board, A&F has gone through a massive overhaul in their style and brand! Long gone are the days of the branded ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH logos on every article of clothing to a more elevated range of styles! No more models that don't represent the majority of women.

Not to mention, Abercrombie has extended sizing (up to size 24) in their jeans and are embracing extra short, short, long and extra long length jeans for their customers! Need some extra hip room? Their CURVE LOVE jean line is great for those ladies that need just a little more room in the hips. We love Abercrombie jeans, blazers and their active wear does not disappoint. Some of our favorite A&F jeans are linked here:

Shine on!

Jaclyn & Laura


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