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Shine Image Consulting provides styling consulting for your personal and professional life. Let us help you select the perfect outfit for a special event, fill gaps in your wardrobe or complete overhaul your closet to start building the foundation of staple and statement pieces that are authentic to you!

Shine Image Consulting Services
Shine Spree


You need a break. Let’s make time for yourself!

Let’s go shopping together! Whether it is half or full day, we will dive into the latest trends, check out local boutiques along with well-known clothing stores and put outfits together customized for you.

Not local to AZ?! Let's elevate your style VIRTUALLY with a Shine Digital Lookbook including dressing for your Shine Size, color analysis and wardrobe capsules based on current closet pieces, along with pieces we recommend purchasing. All based on your budget, lifestyle and that is realistic and authentic to you!


 Starting at $250

Shine Spree



You have something big coming. Whether it's landing a new career, taking a trip with friends, celebrating a birthday, or having this burning feeling that you are meant for more, we are here to style you for the big (and everyday) moments in life!

Shine style-focused sessions:

  • Understanding of specific event including time of year, location, dress code, how you want to feel and look, budget and any color/style preferences

  • Determination of putting together items in current closet to dress for occasion, shopping for new items or a little of both!

$250 - $1000

Shine Event



When you are in the closet, you struggle putting outfits together. You stare at your clothes and are not sure what to wear. You don't know what to shop for. You have a decent closet, but you need some edits to elevate your style and take it from standard to SHINE!

Shine Style-Focused Sessions:

  • Two-phased approach focused on a specific style need! Need new jeans? Starting a new job and need professional wear? Or want some new closet pieces to transition into fall, winter, spring or summer? Shine Edit is for you.

  • First phase, we review what you already have in your closet to determine the shopping needs. 

  • Second phase, we go shopping with you or for you! If we go shopping for you, we then host a style session, where we try on all the pieces, show you how to style them and handle the returns on any items you don't keep.


$500 - $2000

Shine Edit



You feel stuck. You have nothing to wear. You don't know what to buy You need a refresh. You need to make big changes to feel fulfilled and happy in your life.

Shine Style-Focused Sessions:

  • An immersive and hands-on experience centered transforming your life through style with the focus being on a complete wardrobe refresh, with staple and statement pieces. based on your lifestyle and budget. 

  • First phase, we get to know YOU. Through personalized consultation session(s), we seek to get to know your style preferences, aspirations, lifestyle, budget and how you feel about yourself and body! 

  • We also get to know YOUR CLOSET. Your closet is one of your most intimate and personal spaces. Please know, we take that seriously! We engage with you and your closet in a hands-on experience by asking you to try on pieces you love most and how they make you feel. With your help, we look at and touch every piece to determine whether to keep or donate, while educating you along the way of how pieces in your closet support your style goals. At the end of our time in your closet, it will be organized and clear what gaps exists in your wardrobe.

  • ​Second phase, the SHOPPING begins! When we complete your closet clean out, we shop for you (you don't have to lift a finger)! We identify clothing options for an in-person try-on and styling session(s). We work together with you to create versatile outfit capsules. We make any returns of outfits you don't wish to keep.

  • Third phase, to wrap it all up, you will not only walk away with a refreshed wardrobe, but with a Shine Digital Lookbook that will guide you on getting ready every single day!

$2000 - $5000

Shine Refresh


SHINE CUSTOM: Make it your own!

Not finding the service you are looking for? Then our Shine Custom service is for you!


Let’s create a Shine Custom package based on what your needs are and what you are looking for. We can mix and match from the potential services listed above and/or add any additional style challenges you are facing. We will work with your goals, budget, lifestyle and timeline to create a Shine Custom service personalized just for you!

Shine Custom


Shine Event
Shine Edit
Shine Refresh
    Book a call with Shine Image Consulting


    Before you pick a service, Let's get to know each other a bit!


    During this consultation, we want to hear your story, get to know you and understand your professional and personal goals. Together, we can then determine the best Shine option for you.

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