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What are you wearing this Fall season?

Even though August is not over yet, we are already starting to see Halloween decorations hit stores, and soon pumpkin spice lattes will be our go-to drink orders!

We are not in complete favor of rushing the end of the summer season, but truthfully, we are so excited for cooler temperatures in Arizona and ready to embrace the Fall fashion trends.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to share weekly blog posts focused on Fall outfit inspiration, with various price points, to ensure you and your closet are ready for the upcoming season🍂

Shine on,


PS - If you have any specific Fall fashion requests, please send us a message @shineimageconsulting or!

2022 Fall Fashion Trends #1 - Browns, Camels, Caramel & Neutrals.

We are especially excited for this trend, because these colors are universally flattering and can be dressed down or up with statement accessories!


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