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What are you wearing to your next big event?!?

We have been receiving many requests on outfit inspiration for special events, like weddings and big birthday celebrations! Since we love a reason to share Shine recommendations with our community, check out our ideas and tips below:

Shine Event Inspiration:

We included some basic color options (black), along with some colors that stand out - a trendy one right now, orange and hot pink!

When it comes to special event accessories, we love the options, price points and unique selection that Amazon offers! Nothing makes us happier versatile pieces you don’t see everyone wearing.

PS - All the accessories below are meant to be matched with most of the outfit choices, so if you like other accessories, than the ones included with the specific color choice, feel free to mix it up!

PPS - Don't forget your shapewear 😊

Shine Event Tips:

· When dressing for your event, start first with your undergarments. They make or break any outfit you put on!

· Pick your outfit before you accessorize, always. Shoes, earrings, and bag should be in the same color family.

· Avoid bold accessories if your outfit is bold. Embrace bold accessories to dress up a more simplistic outfit.

· Putting together an outfit for an event is all about balance:

  • If you have amazing statement earrings, considering where your hair up or back, to allow your earrings to really stand out.

  • If you have an outfit with lots of patterns, your accessories should be simplified.

  • Lipstick is a great opportunity to be bold if you want an extra pop of color.

Most of all, have fun and SHINE! 🌟


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