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What is your SHINE size? Let's ditch the fruits and shapes labels, ladies!

Between us both, our body shapes are labeled as pears and rectangles. Growing up, we remember looking in Seventeen magazine at the awful diagrams comparing women's bodies to food (with no other commentary) with the intent of educating women about their bodies. Sadly, this still exists today; usually without the discussion of the unique and beautiful bodies we all have.

As personal stylists, we know the value body shape analysis brings. It brings a level of education and confidence on how to dress your body. With that said - we hope that we can ditch the labels. No more fruits and shapes, ladies! We are on a personal mission to ensuring women know and embrace their SHINE SIZE.

Embracing your SHINE size encompasses three key components:

⭐️1: KNOW YOUR BODY - as nutty as this may sound, we really mean know your body. Take your measurements (yes, with measuring tape) so you know your numbers around your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Knowing your measurements empowers you to know what size you are at which store. Don't have a body measuring tape? You can buy one here for dirt cheap!

⭐️ 2: THERE ARE CLOTHES FOR YOUR BODY - at Shine, we are particular about where we shop for ourselves and for clients. We want retailers who are size inclusive, and offer a WIDE RANGE of options for all Shine sizes. There are clothes out there for you and your body. You have to find the right ones - that is where we can help 😊Just a few of our favorite retailers that embrace a wide array of SHINE sizes: Anthropologie, Spanx, Express, Abercrombie, Naked Rebellion...just to name a few.

⭐️ 3: LOVE YOUR BODY - this is the hardest one. We ask clients all the time, “what parts of your body do you love?” They usually can’t answer the question, which makes us all incredibly sad. Please know that we have those days too; where we pick ourselves a part in front of the mirror. With loving your body, take small steps by asking yourself at least one time per day - what am I wearing today that I love? (if the answer is nothing, change your look), what do I love about my face today? What does my body do for me that I am grateful for? Feed your body this love, as hard as it is at first, and the love will grow ❤️

Embracing your SHINE SIZE is a journey. These steps will help you get there in time. We love supporting our clients on this journey. It's truly why we do what we do and love it.

How do you feel about your SHINE size? Let us know by commenting below!

Shine on,

Laura and Jaclyn


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