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What are you wearing this Fall Season? Part 5

Has anyone ever heard of Pantone? When I first heard the word, I thought it sounded like an Italian dessert :) I quickly learned that Pantone is a company who does color trend forecasting for consumers!

Brands and companies use the colors Pantone releases to design and create products, in our case, fashion. Pantone is famous for their color of the year releases, but they also share colors for each fashion trend season. Today, we are showcasing the first sample of Pantone colors hot for the Fall and Winter season 2022, along with some clothing options to embrace these fabulous colors.

Stay tuned next week as we highlight more of the Pantone colors for the upcoming Fall and Winter season!

#1 - Variations of Lava Falls

#2 - Variations of Samoan Sun

#3 Variations of Rose Violet


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