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Shine Style Statement: Shine Bright, One Sequin at a Time

Sequins are not just for special occasions. They are not just for the holidays or popping champagne on New Year's Eve. Or for big celebrations. Why? Because life should be one celebration, and each day is a chance to toast to your happiness and authenticity, to shine bright and most importantly, to wear sequins! Today, on the blog, we are showcasing sequin options for your wardrobe and how to incorporate them all year round.

PS - the Shine Suggestions below are for incorporating sequins into your daily wardrobe; not for parties and huge celebrations. With those events, there typically are no rules :)

Shine Suggestions for wearing sequins daily:

  • The sequin you are wearing is the main accessory! Keep your accessories color and style neutral, so that your sequin clothing item is the centerpiece. This includes jewelry and bags :) You don't want these items to clash with your sequin! For example, skip the bracelets/necklace and stick to plain earrings/rings.

  • Take the time to pick the right shoe. For shoes, you don't always have to keep the color neutral. For example, you could pair brightly colored shoes with black or white sequin. If you wear silver sequin though, you most likely want to stick with silver shoes (or black if pairing a siler sequin top with black pants) and gold shoes/nude for gold sequins

  • Go with low key makeup; stick to a glowy look using neutral earth tones to compliment the glow from your sequins.

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