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Shine Style Statement: BAGS!

Let's be frank, who doesn't love a good bag?! We mean a really good bag - one that is high quality (without breaking the bank!), comfortable to carry, holds all our stuff (lipstick, gummy bears & laptop are some of our daily necessities that have to fit in our bag!) and one that is the last accessory piece to bring a whole outfit together.

Finding a work bag that fits all of these requirements, while also being aesthetically pleasing, can be a really tough task - we know; we have been there! Today on the blog, we are sharing our favorite bags for work, travel and life; bags that we have tested, love and that we stand besides as being a necessity for the professional woman that you are!

BLACK BAGS FOR WORK - Click to shop!

CAMEL BAGS FOR WORK - Click to shop!

BOLD BAGS FOR WORK - Click to shop!

BACKPACKS FOR WORK - Click to shop!

TRAVEL BAGS - Click to shop!


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