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Shine Style Staples: Must-have tops for every closet!

So far, in our Shine Staples series, we have tackled jeans and shoes; let's put it all together now with the last foundational piece - tops!

Tee shirts are essential for your closet! Why? First, their versatility; they can be layered over in the colder months with a cardigan, jacket or vest and worn alone in the warmer months. Second, even though there are various tee shirt trends that come and go; the basic tee never goes out of style. Third, and we would argue the most important, they are so comfortable to wear!

Button down tops are incredibly underrated, but are critical must-have's for your closet! They are chic, can be dressed up or down, classic and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Button down tops can be paired with jeans, pants, skirts and even shorts!

Bodysuits are not just for shapewear - they should be considered a go-to option for tops in your closet. We love bodysuits in short and long sleeve options and because of how flattering they are; they are smooth, sleek, fitting, clean-looking and look seamless. They can be worn with jeans and heels, trousers and an elevated flat or shorts/skirt/dress with strappy deals - the options are endless. When the cooler temps hit, throw on an blazer over top!

The Sweater world can be overwhelming. There are so, so many options and styles to choose from; which do you need for your closet? We break them down into the following categories, of which every closet should have at least one of - chunky oversized knit, cashmere, long cardigan, short cardigan, striped, crewneck and poncho/shawl.


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