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How to be better at recognition.

One in three people were recognized at work this week. I have to believe that the stat is even lower when you think about recognition outside of the working environment.

The data on the value of recognition can't be argued. It builds trust. It creates loyalty. It leads to a healthier work environment.

What doesn't get talked about - is that giving recognition has a tremendous positive impact on one's self-esteem. When you engage in genuine recognition of others - elevating the presence and accomplishments of others - you naturally boost your own self-esteem. When you make recognition a priority, you are engaging in a positive mindset for yourself that nets compounding benefits to your own confidence over time.

Higher self-esteem+self-confidence=elevated image.

So what can you do to be a better at recognition? Many think it requires planning or a red carpet, in order for it to be effective. It's actually the exact opposite! Take a look at our top three steps to be better at recognition (personally and professionally):

1) Make it a priority. Half the battle is just doing it. You have to take the time. I know that I can fall victim to this often... getting caught up in the productivity of life and losing sight of the recognition that is needed all around me. If you can't find the time - schedule it. And you may laugh at that, but you'll be surprised at how simply scheduling recognition will make it happen.

Steps 2 and 3 are all about getting specific...

2) Describe the specific action that you observed. There is nothing worse than a lack of specificity when it comes to recognizing the great work of others. By describing the specific action you observed you showcase to the receiver that you are paying attention. You get the details of what they did to accomplish the great result you're recognizing. Not to mention, it reinforces their positive behavior ongoing.

3) Describe the specific positive impact of their behaviors/actions. This is my favorite part of recognition. When any person takes action, they arguably are doing it to make some level of impact or result. Be thoughtful in sharing the positive impact of whatever they accomplished and the difference they made on someone/the organization/the team/the family.

Delivering meaningful recognition can be tough. Following these steps are a brilliant way to increase your capability in this space. But more important that increasing your capability, you're delivering a positive impact on one's life and ultimately, your own.

Shine on,

Laura and Jaclyn


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