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Could biker shorts be the trend for you?

Biker shorts were a trend I was sure to stay away from. I associated biker shorts with cycling rides, and I didn’t believe biker shorts could be a part of an outfit that looked put together.

Laura is so open to new trends. She typically will embrace them and determine how she can make them work. She loves the biker short trend, and I was impressed by the way she put outfits together with them. She kept telling me, “Jac, you have to try. I really think you will love wearing them.”

So I went to lululemon (Laura’s says their biker shorts are her favorite - and bought them in navy and mauve. I didn’t love them at first - I couldn’t get past the exercise association and had trouble finding the right top to coordinate. Laura stepped in again with her trend guidance; “Try them with an oversized tee or with a blazer.”

Ahhhhhhh, now I get it! I could see the outfit coming together and complimented with a few accessories. I was hooked. For me, biker shorts were no longer just for Peloton rides. Thank you Laura for helping me realizing this was a trend I would love!

If you need some inspiration for putting together an outfit with biker shorts, try our Shine Suggestions below:

#1 - Throw on a longer blazer over a fitted tee or tank top

#2 - Put on an oversized tee or long sleeve top for a super casual look

#3 - Pair a half zip top with them! Even better if the top falls at the waist to create that accentuation

#4 - Throw on a tee with a cute jean jacket or bomber! Instant outfit elevation

PS - In order to meet the Golden Ratio rule and help elevate your look, don’t forget accessories! Throw on a stack of bracelets, statement earrings, necklaces or add a sling bag to complete your look

Shine on,



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