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Aim to be a leader, not a boss.

Being someone's boss is an honor and a responsibility. This role has a tremendous impact certainly on one's professional life, but can play a highly impactful role on one's personal life too.

Whether you're a boss or you have a boss, the best bosses are the ones that aim not to be a boss, but aim to be a leader. So, what is a leader?

A leader inspires and motivates others with a massive belief and value system that is bigger than them.

A leader creates a vision and a way to get there. They have big ideas and a plan on how to get there. It's not just about dreams, it's about strategy and execution.

A leader enables their team to achieve the vision. They develop and delegate. They coach and redirect. They let go of control and let the team rise to the occasion.

Being a boss is hard. Being a leader is harder. Bosses are people who tend to manage their team. Leaders get out of the way and seek to serve their team to remove the things that stand in their way of accomplishing the vision.

When you aim to be a leader, rather than a boss, you achieve a higher image of yourself at work. You're seen as inspirational and someone that people want to be. And that, our friends, is a powerful and meaningful place to be professionally.

Shine on,

Jaclyn and Laura


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