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How do you motivate, inspire and engage your audience while also leaving them with tactical takeaways to elevate and transform their life? That's where we come in.

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Shine Spree


Engage. Inspire. Motivate. Tactical Take-aways.

What did we do most during our combined 32 years of corporate America experience? We spoke to people. Sounds basic right? Think again.

In our past and current careers, we worked with small and large teams; people of diverse skillsets and backgrounds, with the purpose of driving them to achieve common goals. We used our presentation skills to engage them. Influence and persuasion skills to inspire and motivate them. The most critical part, that largely goes unnoticed in speaking engagements - we left them with tactical takeaways for slow and steady implementation to drive real change and impact. 

Whether the topic is confidence versus self esteem, how to kill your next executive presentation or whatever topic is important to your group's cause, we are here to not only engage, inspire and motivate, but also to execute.

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    During this consultation, we want to hear your story, get to know you and understand your professional and personal goals. Together, we can then determine the best Shine option for you.

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